frequently asked questions

  • What types of bikes are allowed on site?

    The site is open for Enduro, Trials and Adventure bikes provided that the exhaust does not exceed the noise levels. The maximum level for 2 stroke is 108 db and 110db for 4 strokes (at full revs)
    Strictly, no motocross bikes, quad bikes, pit bikes are permitted regardless of whether they are road legal. These rules also apply to children's bikes
    Please note, there are no exceptions to these rule, whatsoever.

  • Can I use a road legal MX bike or an MX bike converted for enduro use?

    Motocross bikes are not permitted on site under any circumstances, even if modifications have been made for enduro use.

  • How are bikes tested for noise levels?

    Bikes are tested in accordance with the '2 Metre Max Method' in accordance with the ACU guidelines which can be found here.

    The sound levels will be measured with the sound meter fixed on a tripod, in the horizontal position at the rear of the motorcycle. The sound meter will be positioned at a distance of 2 meters behind the motorcycle, with an angle of 45 degrees away from the centreline, on the exhaust side and at a height of 1.35m above the ground. The 2 meter distance is measured from the point where the centre of the rear tyre touches the ground. The throttle is opened to a maximum for no more than 1 second.

  • How can I book my ride at the Quarry?

    In order to book your ride you need to register an account with us and fill in the Rider's Questionnaire. Please visit the login/register section of the website to do so.

  • Can I book an overnight stay with my friends or family?

    If you wish to book an overnight stay at our camping facilities, please contact us directly here

  • Can I book multiple entries under a single name?

    Unless you book on behalf of minor(s) it is not possible to book multiple entries under a single name. For group visits, all riders need to register with us and book their rides individually from their account. 

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